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WebGL Enabled

SatSquatch utilizes the latest advancements in web-based mapping applications. Maps are WebGL enabled for maximum speed and efficiency, taking full advantage of the next generation of NOAA weather satellites.

Made By Meteorologists

This app was built by degreed meteorologists. We are passionate about using our expertise to develop professional-grade tools that are both beautiful and user-friendly.

Mobile Friendly

Built with mobile devices as a top priority, SatSquatch looks and runs great on smartphones and tablets, allowing for reliable access to data everywhere you go.

User Location

SatSquatch allows you to turn on user location so that you can see exactly where you are in relation to the data on the map! This feature utilizes the GPS on your mobile device, or location services in your browser for maximum accuracy. Now you no longer have to guess where you are in relation to features of interest.

Custom Derived Products

Not only are the base GOES bands accessible, but premium derived bands such as true color imagery or snow/ice band data are available as a part of premium packages.

Mesoanalysis Overlays

Mesoanalysis overlays allow you to overlay vital meteorological information on top of GOES imagery or on its own! These overlays loop along with the satellite data and update every 15 minutes (every hour for derived products such as CAPE and wind shear).